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4 Years Integrated Course

“Begin early ,stay ahead” is the core philosophy and success mantra of उड़ान Batch. Syllabus of this batch is designed in such a way that it include the comprehensive coverage of CBSE syllabus of science and Mathematics subjects of school level along with coverage of syllabus required for various competitive examination (like NTSE/KVPY /OLYMPIAD) and To develop the scientific temperament ,mathematical Aptitude ,logical thinking and problem solving attitude of your child.



3 Years Integrated Course

This course include comprehensive coverage of CBSE Syllabus of Science and Mathematics subject in synchronised way and all those additional and relevant topics of higher level will also be taught at this stage to inculcate analytic skills, problem solving ability and better understanding of core concepts required for JEE/PMT and various competitive examination.



2 Years Integrated Course

Students who are studying in class X or have recently passed class X and are ambitious to clear IIT-JEE / MEDICAL with class XII should enroll for this program. This is an intensive twenty two months classroom contact program in which the students will be trained rigorously for IIT-JEE / MEDICAL and other engineering competitive exams. The course curriculum will be in pace with school studies so that the students are comfortable in school as well and perform well in their school exams also. Test on Regular basis will be conducted and students will also be provided with exhaustive study materials to support them in self-study.



1 Year Integrated Course

This batch is specially designed for 12th passed students who is willing to achieve good ranks in IIT-JEE/MEDICAL exams. Students are provided with extensively designed study material and DPP for their practices and revision.